Find out your big WHY with BodyMAGIC!

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My ultimate goal is to help people find the only way to truly lasting weight loss - health.

And I don't just mean what and how much you eat.

You've probably tried that a few too many times already.

This is about WHY you overeat. What it is you're really hungry for.
It requires a long (but not hard) look at the internal environment.

In this way, you'll experience a sustainable breakthrough that makes a lifetime of difference to every part of your life.

Healing your relationship with food not only brings your health and happiness and weight back into balance, it leads to a richer and more fulfilling existence.

The big WHY leads to big CHANGE, I've seen it work with 100's of my clients, readers and followers.

Now it's your turn!
Are you ready?

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Meet The Author, Chinmayi Dore

Julie Chinmayi Dore was born in Northampton UK and grew up in Rugby, UK. She left a banking career in 2007, at the age of 41 to pursue a desire to help others – physically, emotionally and spiritually, also committing herself to an intense period of learning and retraining in yoga and holistic therapies.
In incorporating these practices into her own life and becoming more conscious generally, she discovered that she had been managing an eating disorder since her teens, which she had accepted as the norm.
As she incorporated yoga, meditation, reiki and other healing practices into her life, she realised that her binge and emotional eating had all but disappeared. She was advised by mentors and teachers to journal and write about how and why these practices helped free her from the suffering of disordered eating.
This knowledge eventually manifested a comprehensive book - BodyMAGIC! - a Blissfully Happy Ending to Emotional and Binge Eating. It immediately became a best-seller in several categories on Amazon including body image, eating disorders and teenage health. It went on to be awarded the Janey Loves Highly Commended Award in 2017.

"I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact in the world by helping people create their own health naturally. I believe that many people settle for an absence of illness, when they deserve vibrant wellness, and it is my honour to help you realise your potential so that you can achieve everything you desire and more." - Chinmayi

Chinmayi Dore